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qsf::AudioMixer Class Reference

Audio mixer class. More...

#include <AudioMixer.h>

Public Member Functions

 AudioMixer (AudioManager &parentManager)
 ~AudioMixer ()
float getMixerChannelVolume (uint32 channelIndex) const
void setMixerChannelVolume (uint32 channelIndex, float volume)
float getMixerChannelMixedVolume (uint32 channelIndex) const
void setChannelSendTarget (uint32 channel, uint32 targetSendToChannel)
float getMixerChannelVolumeMultiplier (uint32 channelIndex) const
void setMixerChannelVolumeMultiplier (uint32 channelIndex, float volumeMultiplier)

Detailed Description

Audio mixer class.

The audio mixer consists of, like a real audio mixer, different channels. Every channel has its own volume which can be configured from 0% to 100%. Each channel also has a output volume which is the result of the channels own volume when it is mixed with all channels onto its way to the master channel #0. To perform routing, every channel has a "Send to" channel. By default this is the master channel #0. But more complex mixing can be done by routing channels and thus grouping channels together and having the power to change the volume of every group individually. Changes to a channels volume automatic propagate correctly and also do real-time adjustments of the volume of active sound sources, when the parent audio manager is configured to do so (by default it should be)
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Definition at line 55 of file AudioMixer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qsf::AudioMixer::AudioMixer ( AudioManager parentManager)
qsf::AudioMixer::~AudioMixer ( )

Member Function Documentation

float qsf::AudioMixer::getMixerChannelMixedVolume ( uint32  channelIndex) const
float qsf::AudioMixer::getMixerChannelVolume ( uint32  channelIndex) const
float qsf::AudioMixer::getMixerChannelVolumeMultiplier ( uint32  channelIndex) const
void qsf::AudioMixer::setChannelSendTarget ( uint32  channel,
uint32  targetSendToChannel 
void qsf::AudioMixer::setMixerChannelVolume ( uint32  channelIndex,
float  volume 
void qsf::AudioMixer::setMixerChannelVolumeMultiplier ( uint32  channelIndex,
float  volumeMultiplier 

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