Emergency 2017 Dokumentation  v3.0.1
qsf::ai::detail Namespace Reference


struct  ReservationContainerEntry


int calculateCellIndex (float current, float connected)
template<typename Action >
void calculateIntersectedCells (const GridDelta &startIndices, const glm::vec2 &localStartPosition, const GridDelta &goalIndices, const glm::vec2 &localGoalPosition, Action &action, UnsignedFloat snapVertexDelta)

Function Documentation

int qsf::ai::detail::calculateCellIndex ( float  current,
float  connected 

Definition at line 24 of file Bresenham-inl.h.

template<typename Action >
void qsf::ai::detail::calculateIntersectedCells ( const GridDelta startIndices,
const glm::vec2 &  localStartPosition,
const GridDelta goalIndices,
const glm::vec2 &  localGoalPosition,
Action action,
UnsignedFloat  snapVertexDelta 

Definition at line 38 of file Bresenham-inl.h.