Emergency 2017 Dokumentation  v3.0.1
qsf::detail Namespace Reference


class  DirectAllocator
class  ErrorHandlingWindows
struct  MessageListener
struct  OrderByMaterialPropertyId


typedef BufferedManager< uint32, detail::MessageListener, boost::container::flat_map< uint32, detail::MessageListener > > MessageManagerBase
typedef void MessageCallbackSignature(const MessageParameters &)
typedef boost::function< MessageCallbackSignatureMessageCallbackBinding


template<typename T >
T & getReferenceSafe (T *x, const char *text)
template<typename T >
const T & getReferenceSafe (const T *x, const char *text)
float atan2_approximation2 (float y, float x)

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 146 of file MessageParameters.h.

typedef void qsf::detail::MessageCallbackSignature(const MessageParameters &)

Definition at line 145 of file MessageParameters.h.

Function Documentation

float qsf::detail::atan2_approximation2 ( float  y,
float  x 

Definition at line 78 of file Math-inl.h.

template<typename T >
T& qsf::detail::getReferenceSafe ( T *  x,
const char *  text 

Definition at line 212 of file ErrorHandling.h.

template<typename T >
const T& qsf::detail::getReferenceSafe ( const T *  x,
const char *  text 

Definition at line 219 of file ErrorHandling.h.